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Sandra finishes Belfast


Sandra Brown (Surrey Walking Club) has been an enthusiastic participant in ultra-distance events for over 30 years.

Sandra has completed over 204 events of 100 miles (161kms) or more, winning many of these. She has completed many multi-day events on the track, road and cross country.

Best Performances


  • 18.36.29 Sandra's 2nd UK Centurion 100 at Leicester in 1984, British ladies’ best time

  • 200kms in 24.04.20 at Vallorbe in 1991, a world best

  • 50 miles in 7.54.54 in the Manchester to Blackpool in 1991

  • 50kms in 4.50.51 at Basildon in 1991, then a world best and still the W45 age group record

  • 189.949kms at Wadelincourt [Belgian 24h championship] in 2014, the W65 24h record

  • 51 completions [to date] of proper Centurion races worldwide, including 31 in the UK; 20 of these 51 in a first class time [under 20 hrs for 100 miles] including 14 in the UK

  • Winning outright various Centurion 100s in the UK and elsewhere

  • Winning over 30 Paris-Colmar/Alsace qualifying events [no. 30 was Wadelincourt 2014 and Sandra has won others since]

  • 204 completions of 100 miles or more, to date.

  • W70 World Record for 24 hour running with 182.6kms in Belfast        2019

  • W70 World Record for 24 hour running with 182.6kms in Belfast 2019

  • W70 World Record for 6 days running with 610kms at Balatonfured 2022

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