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Sandra and Richard Brown are among the top husband and wife ultra pairs in the world on the basis of their achievements and how long they have been competing. They have been active for over 40 years and between them have notched up over 360 events of 100 miles or more…..and they are still setting records.


At the end of 2023, Sandra had completed 215 events of 100 miles or above. She holds the World W70 24 hour (182.6kms) and 6 day (610kms) running records and the outright world walking records on a track for 100kms (11.17.42), 100 miles (19.00.47), 12 hours (106.180) and 24 hours (194.798). She has completed the gruelling Paris-Colmar race, won many race walking events in continental Europe, and has completed a record 33 Centurion race-walking championships in the UK and 54 world-wide, winning many.


Husband Richard has held such world best performances as the Irish End to End, Lands End to John O’Groats (10 days 2 hours for the 835 miles) and M75 48 hour mark. He holds the British 100 mile and 200kms walking records (16hrs 50 mins and 21hirs 42 mins), has won the Centurion 100 mile race a record 10 times and completed the Paris-Colmar 542 kms race. He managed the GB 24 hour running teams for 10 years.


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Sandra and Richard support the creation of a Dorset National Park that would help conserve and enhance as much of Dorset as meets Natural England’s designation criteria and would benefit Dorset’s communities and economy as well as environment. 


Sandra is actively involved with the work of Dorset CPRE, has been a Trustee and serves on various CPRE groups. 


Richard is a Trustee of Purbeck Youth Music which seeks to inspire, encourage and help develop young people’s musical interests and experiences in the Purbeck area of Dorset.

Richard is also a Trustee of the Fieri Consort.

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